Mother’s Day 2024: Commemorating and Honoring Motherhood across Cultures

Mother's Day 2024: Commemorating and Honoring Motherhood across Cultures

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Motherhood holds immense cultural and universal meaning, and Mother’s Day is an opportunity to commemorate her love and dedication to us all. Many families around the globe will unite together on Mother’s Day 2024 with joyous gratitude in recognition of mothers or maternal figures. However, traditions may vary according to region, and celebration dates can reveal a fascinating insight into how different societies honour and appreciate motherly influence in different ways.

Mother’s Day 2024 is on Sunday, May 12 in the U.S.; in the U.K., it comes early – March 10 is also considered Mother’s Day. This holiday offers insight into different societies’ celebrations of this important holiday.

Modern Mother’s Day can trace its history back to various traditions and movements:

  1. Ancient Celebrations: Ancient celebrations such as those held by Greeks honouring Rhea, mother of the gods, or Romans honouring Cybele established early concepts of maternal appreciation.
  2. Christian Influences: Mothering Sunday originated centuries ago as an opportunity for Christians to visit their “mother church,” visit family, and pay their respects to Mother Nature—eventually evolving into Mother’s Day!
  3. Anna Jarvis: Anna Jarvis began the modern U.S. celebration after mourning her own mother’s passing away in 1905 and campaigning for an official day to remember and commemorate all mothers after President Woodrow Wilson signed an official proclamation designating Mother’s Day as taking place annually on May 8 since 1914.

Mother’s Day in the U.S.

In America, Mother’s Day 2024 falls on May 12 and should be filled with various expressions of affection and love, such as giving mom flowers or cards and presents. Restaurants typically see an uptick in business as families treat moms to brunches or dinners at local establishments; schools and community organizations join the celebration by hosting events or organizing craft projects to create handmade presents as handmade tokens of appreciation from children or students for Mother.

Although Mother’s Day began as an honourable commemoration day, commercial influence over time has transformed it into one of the biggest shopping days for flowers and jewellery purchases.

Mothering Sunday will take place on March 10, 2024, in the U.K. It differs from American celebrations as its date aligns with the liturgical calendar, being observed as part of Lent observances on that Sunday. Historically, it began as an occasion when people returned to their “mother church.” With time, it has become an opportunity to honour mothers with flowers and gifts on this special occasion.

Modern Mother’s Day traditions involve giving mothers gifts like bouquets, chocolates and thoughtful presents; children typically make breakfast or meals for their mothers to show appreciation on Mother’s Day. Although similar traditions can be found across America and Great Britain, British traditions hold onto an extra charm with their religious origins and are rich with spiritual history.

Other Global Traditions

  1. Japan: Mother’s Day is observed annually on the second Sunday in May. Children often present carnations to their mothers as a symbolic token of purity and sweetness.
  2. Mexico: Mother’s Day, or “Dia de las Madres,” is held each May 10 and is marked by festive performances by singers, tasty meals, and large family reunions.
  3. Ethiopia: Every fall, during the Antrosht Festival, Ethiopian families unite in celebration with singing, dancing and an abundance of traditional cuisine for an epic multi-day festivity known as Antrosht.
  4. France: Celebrated annually on either the last Sunday in May or first Sunday of June, French families give gifts and gather around family meals on these dates to mark this special holiday.

Modern Challenges and Reflections 

While Mother’s Day may bring much-deserved celebration, contemporary motherhood presents unique obstacles. Many mothers juggle careers, house responsibilities and parenting – each adding stress. Social media may further elevate expectations regarding “perfect motherhood”.

On Mother’s Day 2024, people should aim to recognize mothers not just for their daily contributions but also for their adaptability in an ever-evolving world. Show your thanks with simple acts of gratitude, such as writing them a handwritten note, making homemade meals from scratch, or simply sharing quality time together.

Meaningful Ways to Honor Mother’s Day 2024

  • Plan an Experience: Instead of giving material gifts on Mother’s Day 2024, arrange an experience tailored precisely to her interests—something like a spa day, nature hike, or art exhibit would all be great experiences that your mom will never forget!
  • Gift of Time: Many mothers appreciate quality time with loved ones. Clear your schedule to spend uninterrupted quality time together. Charitable Contributions: Make her day by contributing to or volunteering at an organization she cares for that is meaningful to them both!
  • Personalize Gifts: Making each present more personalized adds an emotional connection between the receiver and the gifter. Personalizing photo albums, handwritten letters or jewellery adds an emotional aspect that enhances any present.


Mother’s Day 2024 presents us with a promising opportunity to acknowledge how mothers foster and enrich lives worldwide. No matter where one lives or celebrates Mother’s Day, celebrating moms unifies people everywhere around the globe—whether in America, the U.K., or another continent! Acknowledging their sacrifices, achievements, and unfaltering love strengthens family bonds while deepening our gratitude, making Mother’s Day 2024 an opportunity to show our love daily rather than once each year.

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