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Cole Brings Plenty

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Cole Brings Plenty, who made waves as an entertainment industry actor with promise and talent, left an indelible mark despite his tragically short life. Born into the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe heritage of South Dakota, he set forth on an incredible journey that would see him travel from there to Hollywood, where his ambition would not only manifest but represent many Indigenous actors striving to gain global prominence as entertainers.

Early Life and Heritage:

Cole Brings Plenty was raised within the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe community, renowned for its strong cultural traditions and resilience. This environment was instrumental to his identity development; his heritage helped shape him in ways that greatly informed his values and future goals for acting career success. Living on a reservation taught Cole respect for the culture and the storytelling power of voice, which would later form critical aspects of his acting repertoire.

Aspiring Actor:

Propelled by his passion and desire to share the stories of his people with a wider audience, Cole made the leap into acting. But his journey wasn’t without obstacles: Breaking into Hollywood can be notoriously tough on Indigenous actors due to typecasting issues and limited opportunities. Nonetheless, Cole used talent, perseverance, and his unique perspective to overcome those hurdles and succeed in acting.

Breakthrough Role:

Cole Brings Plenty’s breakthrough role came in “1923,” a TV prequel to “Yellowstone.” There, Cole played Pete Plenty Clouds, an opportunity that allowed him to showcase his acting skills on an iconic platform and marked an important step forward for representing Indigenous characters with depth, complexity, and authenticity in mainstream media.

Impact and Legacy:

Cole’s portrayal of Pete Plenty Clouds impressed audiences and critics alike, earning him widespread acclaim and solidifying him as an actor to watch. His ability to bring authenticity and emotional depth to his role demonstrated personal talent and rich storytelling traditions from Indigenous cultures. Cole’s work on “1923” became part of his broader legacy by contributing to conversations regarding diversity and representation within Hollywood.

Tragically, Cole Brings Plenty’s promising career was cut tragically short at 27 when his untimely demise left an impactful reminder of life’s fragile existence and of losing such an exciting, emerging talent. His death sent shockwaves through both entertainment industry circles and his fan base alike.

During his short but impactful career, Cole made an indelible mark on the industry and Indigenous representation in media, challenging stereotypes while advocating for more realistic portrayals of Indigenous people on screen. His efforts joined a long list of Indigenous actors and creatives who have laid the groundwork to ensure future generations benefit from more realistic portrayals.

Reflections on Representation:

Cole Brings Plenty’s work reflects a growing trend in Hollywood toward a more accurate representation of Indigenous cultures. His presence and performances in “1923” provide a powerful counternarrative against stereotypical or marginal roles given to Indigenous actors. By playing Pete Plenty Clouds on screen, he helped shape an important dialogue regarding who gets to tell these tales of Indigenous histories and cultures.

The Future of Indigenous Representation:

Future of Indigenous Representation Cole Brings Plenty’s legacy stands as both inspiration and a challenge to the entertainment industry. His journey exemplifies the importance of providing platforms for Indigenous voices and narratives while honoring and celebrating cultural differences among cultures worldwide. Likewise, Cole helped pave a path that calls for continuous advocacy, opportunity, and change, ensuring stories portrayed accurately reflect life today.

In Memoriam:

Cole Brings Plenty’s death is a profound loss for his family and community alike, as well as to entertainment itself. Recalling his life and work, we are reminded of storytelling’s transformative powers as we consider his legacy: hope, talent, and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s spirit will live on in his story, which continues to inspire future actors and storytellers with courage and conviction to pursue their goals with courage and conviction.


Cole Brings Plenty epitomized resilience, talent, and advocacy in entertainment and beyond. Through his work, he made an imprintful mark in entertainment media with authentic, respectful, and inclusive representation of Indigenous communities portrayed within media content. His legacy serves as a call to action for industry professionals and audiences to seek out stories representing human diversity as soon as they emerge. However, Cole may no longer be with us physically; his journey will undoubtedly influence cultural representation in arts worldwide for years.

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